Ashley Penney




04:15 PM Foreman Bug #1684 (New): EC2: Test button sets the region back to the first.
When adding a region I clicked test to ensure connectivity worked which reset the selection to the first entry, creat...
04:14 PM Foreman Bug #1683 (Closed): EC2: When a compute resource is removed the hosts become broken
If you remove a compute resource before removing the hosts they become broken:
Failed to destroy a compute instance ...
04:13 PM Foreman Bug #1682 (New): EC2: SSH key pair generation
During testing we discovered the following issues:
* If you edit a region to another it won't generate new keys.
* I...
02:38 PM Foreman Bug #1681 (Resolved): DHCP fails for subnets larger than /24
In our environment setting a host to build either fails to add a DHCP entry to dhcpd or leaves incorrect ones behind ...


03:06 AM Installer Revision 419c6389 (puppet-foreman): Fixes:
* Include params in config/enc.pp as I include this on puppetmasters
that do not run foreman.
* Fix a typo in the e...


02:11 PM Foreman Bug #1544: Updating a host fails if you cannot reach the SOA nameservers
I just want to confirm this is still an issue in 0.5.


11:48 AM Foreman Bug #1544 (Closed): Updating a host fails if you cannot reach the SOA nameservers
We encountered an issue with updating and changing hosts through foreman and after a lengthy debugging session with O...


03:05 PM Foreman Bug #1439: Foreman can only use Puppetmaster's via smartproxy that expose "Puppet CA"
Two weeks late but:
01:48 PM Foreman Bug #1502: A subnet without TFTP set makes foreman unable to set a host in build.
Looks like a duplicate of - didn't spot it when looking earlier, sorry!
01:25 PM Foreman Feature #1503 (Closed): When creating a host, it should be possible to define a Puppet CA and a Puppet Master to use
We have a single puppetmaster acting as the certificate master (don't ask). Right now Foreman will try to autos...

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