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06:59 AM Foreman Bug #34725: [zh_CN] Wrong translation of string "Host" on Host - Create Host page.
This issue has been seen in Foreman 3.3 rc2 build.
06:53 AM Foreman Bug #34722: [zh_CN] Traditional Chinese words instead of Simplified Chinese
This issue has been observed in Foreman 3.3 rc2 build.


11:45 AM Foreman Bug #34106 (Resolved): [zh_CN] Welcome page (Login/Logout) is not localized
Issue is not reproducing, verify on Foreman 3.3 rc2 build with browser language Chinese (Simplified)
11:24 AM Foreman Bug #35020 (New): [zh_CN/ja_JP/fr_FR] Configure - Puppet Environments, delete environment confirmation popup has English text.
*Description of problem:* On page Configure - Puppet Environments popup confirmation box string is not-marked also no...
11:11 AM Foreman Bug #35019 (New): [zh_CN/ja_JP/fr_FR] On Configure - Global parameters table page, entered localized values for Data types are showing in English
*Description of problem:* On table Configure - Global parameters, strings under "Type" column are showing in English ...


08:40 PM Foreman Bug #35018 (New): [zh_CN/ja_JP/fr_FR] Monitor - Report templates, information strings are not localized. ('i' icon)
*Description of problem:* On page Monitor - Report templates page few information strings are not-marked also not-tra...
07:07 PM Foreman Bug #32476: 'No matches found' text is untranslated in search bar
Below are the navigations where issue can be reproduced.
Administer - Locations page
Administer - Organizations pag...
07:00 PM Foreman Bug #32481: Audits page fields are untranslated
This issue has been observed in Foreman 3.3 rc2 build.
06:56 PM Foreman Bug #30063: [ja_JP/fr-FR/zh_CN] At job Notification section, non localized found.
String "No Notifications Available" is not marked also not localized.
This is issue is reproducible in Foreman 3.3 r...
06:32 PM Foreman Bug #32680: [ja_JP/zh_CN/fr_FR] Search box background text is not marked as a translatable string
This issue has been observed in Foreman 3.3 rc2 build.

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