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01:01 PM Foreman Bug #16520 (Closed): associate VM - MAC compare is case senstive
Applied in changeset commit:04327448282cf335b463644adae12521592ccfbb. Dominik Hlavac Duran
12:19 PM Foreman Revision 04327448 (foreman): Fixes #16520 - Associating VM-mac is case sensitive
Dominik Hlavac Duran


03:05 PM Foreman Revision 7995d863 (foreman): Fixes #26087 - Bruteforce attack cause reloading users sessions (#6519)
Dominik Hlavac Duran


01:21 PM Foreman Bug #26360 (Duplicate): Adding current usergroup to them self cause error
Dominik Hlavac Duran


03:02 PM Foreman Feature #25892 (Closed): remove back buttons where breadcrumbs exists
Applied in changeset commit:65e73501e6812fa69b5b7919d82ef213bb25daff. Dominik Hlavac Duran
02:17 PM Foreman Revision 65e73501 (foreman): Fixes #25892 - Removed back buttons where is breadcrumb bar
Dominik Hlavac Duran
12:02 PM Foreman Bug #26360 (Duplicate): Adding current usergroup to them self cause error
When you editing usergroups and add edited usergroup to them self in usergroups tab it fails with stack too deep.
Dominik Hlavac Duran


02:52 PM Foreman Bug #26087 (Closed): Brute-force attack cause looping logged user in foreman
Description of problem:
When I'm logged in UI and somebody triggers brute-force attack protection by number of faile...
Dominik Hlavac Duran


04:02 PM Foreman Bug #24778 (Closed): Error after submit when unasign primary and provision from interface
Applied in changeset commit:36ae4fae2cf2844041e579d4121d6dfd8f182fe9. Dominik Hlavac Duran
03:28 PM Foreman Revision 36ae4fae (foreman): Fixes #24778 - Notice unassigned primary/provision interface
Dominik Hlavac Duran

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