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Commands for creating, updating and deleting compute profiles and attributes

Added by Tomáš Strachota almost 2 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

Compute resources
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Commands for managing compute profiles:

Compute profile commands should be quite simple:

hammer compute-profile create --name 1-Small
hammer compute-profile update --name 1-Small --new-name 1-Smaller
hammer compute-profile delete --name 1-Smaller

Commands for managing attributes:

  • replaces the whole set of attributes for a compute resource
hammer compute-profile set-attributes --compute-resorce tstracho-laptop --compute-profile 1-Small \
--attributes flavor=m1.small,cpus=2,memory=4GB \
--interface type=network,bridge=br0 \
--interface type=network,bridge=br1 \
--volume size=40GB
  • partially updates enumerated attributes, keeps the previous values for the rest
  • attributes for specific volume or interface can be updated when users specify its index (position in the list)
  • without an index the command adds a new interface/volume
hammer compute-profile update-attributes --compute-resorce tstracho-laptop --compute-profile 1-Small \
--attributes cpus=2,memory=4GB \
--interface type=network,bridge=br1,index=1 \
--volume size=40GB,index=2
  • completely removes all compute attributes from a compute profile
  • we can consider other names for this command, eg. "remove-attributes" or "delete-attributes"
hammer compute-profile erase-attributes --compute-resorce tstracho-laptop --compute-profile 1-Small

Managing interfaces and volumes:

  • add-interface adds a new interface at the end of the interface list
  • remove-interface requires interface's index (position in the interface list)
  • update-interface changes attributes for an existing interface definition
  • commands for volumes (add-volume, remove-volume, update-volume) work similarly
hammer compute-profile add-interface --compute-resorce tstracho-laptop --compute-profile 1-Small --attributes type=network,bridge=br1
hammer compute-profile remove-interface --compute-resorce tstracho-laptop --compute-profile 1-Small --interface-index=1
hammer compute-profile update-interface --compute-resorce tstracho-laptop --compute-profile 1-Small --interface-index=1 --attributes type=network,bridge=br1

Related issues

Related to Hammer CLI - Feature #6344: Commands for read operations around compute profiles and attributesAssigned
Related to Foreman - Bug #22037: Compute attributes create and update API miss validationsNew2017-12-20

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