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Vcenter - Memory/CPU Hotplug

Added by Florent Delvaille over 5 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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With Redhat 6.x and VCenter 5.x, we have a cool feature about our VMs, which is about being able to change Memory and CPU size while the machine is up and running.
This feature is of course awesome as it reduce once again the downtime of our servers.

Unfortunately, Foreman does not manage this feature yet, so the option is disabled by default.
Action to fix it is to stop the server, adapt the parameter (Options > Memory/CPU Hotplug > Enable CPU Hotplug + Enable Memory Hotplug), then reboot and jump for joy :)

Anyway, would it be possible to add this feature (should even be set to DEFAULT imho) asap on Foreman ?

Thanks a lot in advance;

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Revision 0994d141 (diff)
Added by Timo Goebel about 4 years ago

fixes #8295 - add vsphere memory and cpu hot add


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My fog patch to support this has just been merged ( so I'll work on adding this feature into foreman.

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Any new on VMware mem/CPU hotAdd?

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