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07:32 AM Foreman Refactor #24011 (New): Add Patternfly bar charts support
(Related to #22812 - Migrate jquery-flot to patternfly-react charts)
We should use patternfly bar charts instead o...


09:01 AM Foreman Refactor #23598 (Closed): Move report metrics chart to c3
Applied in changeset commit:be6d3eda781fe4db63dca5ef73b50a88f18e2ff7.
08:07 AM Foreman Revision be6d3eda: Fixes #23598 - move report metrics chart to c3


12:46 PM Foreman Refactor #23598 (Closed): Move report metrics chart to c3
part of [[#22812 - Migrate jquery-flot to patternfly-react charts]]


10:42 AM Foreman Bug #23575 (New): Fact chart modal should have min. height
On facts page -> Click on view Chart
While waiting for data, the modal height has the height of the loading spinner
09:10 AM Foreman Refactor #23574 (New): Host counting on fact chart should use reselect
Host counting on fact chart component reducer should use reselect


02:01 PM Foreman Feature #22847 (Closed): Move chart in facts page to react
Applied in changeset commit:b4da3d90dbca04fd37ab1ea93b191245df6a6cc2.
01:56 PM Foreman Revision b4da3d90: Fixes #22847 - Use pf-react donut chart in facts page


05:32 PM Foreman Refactor #6504 (Closed): Host unit tests regarding taxonomies
Applied in changeset commit:3eba98d7c1453dd2232d9ebb2eaef87dc63c70d1.
08:39 AM Foreman Revision 3eba98d7: Fixes #6504 - refactoring host tests regarding taxonomies

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