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API bugs that need workarounds in foreman-ansible-modules

Added by Evgeni Golov over 4 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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This is a tracker for bugs we found while working on foreman-ansible-modules

Related issues 36 (17 open19 closed)

Related to Katello - Bug #27590: Content Uploads API expects the content_upload id as an Integer, while it is a String (UUID)ClosedEvgeni GolovActions
Related to Katello - Bug #27538: Organization update API documents organization as required, while it is not.NewJohn MitschActions
Related to Katello - Bug #27575: Subscription index API says the organization_id is required, while it is notClosedSamir JhaActions
Related to Katello - Bug #27527: Subscription upload API says the expected type of the manifest shall be stringRejectedActions
Related to Katello - Bug #27532: sync_plan apidoc for add and_ remove_products is missing required organization_idClosedSamir JhaActions
Related to Foreman - Bug #10359: API doc for /api/v2/locations does not mention organizationsClosedOleh FedorenkoActions
Related to Katello - Bug #27673: Repository Set API lists input paramter "id" as number, which potentially excludes Candlepin content id valuesNewActions
Related to Foreman Remote Execution - Bug #19086: option to add remote execution proxy to a subnet is not shown in apidocDuplicateActions
Related to Foreman - Bug #26937: Failure to remove parent location (with nested one) is not correctly reportedNewActions
Related to Foreman - Bug #27722: os_default_templates can't be searchedNewActions
Related to Foreman - Feature #27544: Hosts and Hostgroups API endpoints don't provide parameter_type and hidden_value supportClosedBaptiste AgasseActions
Related to Katello - Bug #27632: Activation Key create API is lacking parameters that are possible during updateClosedJonathon TurelActions
Related to Katello - Feature #24669: RFE: Support 'check_manifest' API endpoint - Manifest upload cannot be idempotentNewActions
Related to Foreman - Bug #28554: Compute Resources API is missing a test_connection endpointNewAditi PuntambekarActions
Related to Katello - Bug #28555: enabling a repository set without providing a basearch yields unexpected resultsNewActions
Related to Katello - Bug #28644: inconsistent repository enabled state for RHEL8 repository sets in the APIClosedPartha AjiActions
Related to Foreman - Bug #29066: API call api/compute_resources/:id/images?operatingsystem_id=:id returns too many resultsRejectedActions
Related to OpenSCAP - Bug #29403: deleting a scap content returns the full XML in the http bodyNewActions
Related to OpenSCAP - Bug #29409: scap_file content get whitespace strippedNewActions
Related to Templates - Bug #29534: Changing taxonomy does not report changed=trueNewActions
Related to Ansible - Bug #29583: Remove Org/Locs from Ansible roles API documentationNewActions
Related to Katello - Bug #30908: Content View Filter Rule controller does not support the same parameters for CREATE and UPDATENewActions
Related to Foreman Remote Execution - Bug #30651: Remote Execution Capsules are not listed when querying the subnet using API and hammer.ClosedAdam RuzickaActions
Related to Foreman - Bug #31296: Document host import from compute resource via APINewActions
Related to Katello - Refactor #31300: the user shouldn't have to specify the file size when uploading chunksNewActions
Related to Foreman - Bug #31311: not possible to update interfaces in POST /api/hosts/:host_idClosedEvgeni GolovActions
Related to Foreman - Bug #31429: nic delay not present in API responsesClosedEvgeni GolovActions
Related to Foreman - Bug #31521: make /api/statuses output more structured data about pluginsClosedEvgeni GolovActions
Related to Katello - Bug #31714: Katello should not call LCEs "environment" in the APINewActions
Related to Foreman - Bug #31874: API uses cluster_id inconsistentlyNewActions
Related to Foreman - Bug #31883: "HTTP response code is 404. The response body is empty." when trying to view an oVirt Compute ResourceClosedyifat makiasActions
Related to Foreman - Bug #32501: Users should not have to pass image_id as part of compute_attributes when creating a host via APINewAmit UpadhyeActions
Related to Foreman - Bug #32541: Host creation API "overwrite" parameter is not documentedClosedOndřej EzrActions
Related to Katello - Bug #35633: Activation Keys "product_content" API doesn't expose the "per_page" parameterClosedEvgeni GolovActions
Related to Katello - Bug #35687: Can't edit the `ignore_types` of an OrganizationClosedEvgeni GolovActions
Related to Katello - Bug #36497: Can't remove GPG and SSL Keys from existing Product using the APIClosedEvgeni GolovActions

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