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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
33634 Foreman Bug New Normal Fact distribution charts don't display black segments Alex Fisher 10/05/2021 09:12 AM
31927 Foreman Feature New Normal Store environment and configuration_version in puppet config reports Alex Fisher 02/19/2021 04:07 PM Reporting
30319 Foreman Bug Closed Normal 404 `AuthSourceLdap not found Please try to update your request` when trying to update auth source Alex Fisher Ondřej Ezr 09/10/2020 05:08 AM Authentication
28011 Foreman Bug New Normal Immediately after creating new host, `Hosts -> Create Host` doesn't work Alex Fisher 10/08/2019 06:38 AM Web Interface
26458 Smart Proxy Bug Closed Normal Smart Proxy lists valid certificates as expired Alex Fisher Alex Fisher 04/22/2019 09:09 AM PuppetCA
26124 Foreman Bug Ready For Testing Normal Build duration wrong during rebuild Alex Fisher 08/21/2019 08:27 AM
26113 Foreman Bug Closed Normal Smart proxy log times not displayed. Alex Fisher Tomer Brisker 08/29/2020 12:40 AM Web Interface
26085 Foreman Bug Closed Normal 1.21 Locations/Organization migration should also update the relevant 'Puppet' settings Alex Fisher Tomer Brisker 02/25/2019 07:06 AM Organizations and Locations Foreman - 1.21.0
25799 Foreman Bug New Normal Bare-metal host 'Deploy On' setting doesn't persist Alex Fisher 07/01/2021 09:01 AM Compute resources
24394 Foreman Bug Closed Low 'About' page should mention new discourse forums. Alex Fisher Alex Fisher 10/23/2018 03:08 PM
22390 Foreman Remote Execution Bug New Normal "Failed to initialize: Dynflow::ExecutionPlan::Steps::Error - Failed rendering template" when using 'Variable' input Alex Fisher 07/10/2018 11:12 AM Foreman Remote Execution - foreman_remote_execution 1.3.7
20782 Foreman Feature New Normal Option to send 'host built' emails for all hosts to a user Alex Fisher 08/29/2017 04:58 AM
17445 Foreman Bug New Normal Cloned vsphere host doesn't preserve 'SCSI controller' attribute. Alex Fisher 11/22/2016 09:58 AM Compute resources - VMware
17125 Smart Proxy Bug Closed Normal Allow windows service name to be specified Alex Fisher Alex Fisher 07/12/2018 09:55 AM Packaging Smart Proxy - 1.14.0
15549 Foreman Bug Closed Normal 'reports:expire' rake task 'status' parameter documentation doesn't match behaviour Alex Fisher 07/10/2018 09:58 AM Rake tasks Foreman - 1.19.0
15519 Foreman Feature Closed Normal Speed up host editing when using vmware compute resource Alex Fisher Timo Goebel 07/10/2018 09:52 AM Compute resources - VMware Foreman - 1.14.0
15505 Foreman Feature New Normal Handle parameter and puppet fact clashes Alex Fisher 06/23/2016 06:49 AM External Nodes
15500 Installer Bug Rejected Normal theforeman/foreman puppet module fails because selinux fact isn't always a boolean Alex Fisher 06/23/2016 04:11 AM Foreman modules
15043 Smart Proxy Bug Closed Normal mcollective puppetrun provider can't find puppet-agent mco binary Alex Fisher Alex Fisher 07/12/2018 09:55 AM Puppet Smart Proxy - 1.12.0
14869 Foreman Bug Closed Low Option to 'import' environments from puppet smart proxy missing with no envs Alex Fisher Shlomi Zadok 07/10/2018 09:52 AM Web Interface Foreman - 1.12.0
14855 Foreman Bug Closed Low Template type dropdown doesn't disappear for snippets Alex Fisher Dominic Cleal 07/10/2018 09:51 AM Templates Foreman - 1.11.2
10634 Foreman Bug Resolved Normal API user can't edit templates without admin rights Alex Fisher 03/02/2016 03:50 AM API

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